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Book Illustration Drawing

Book Illustration Drawing

BrandAd was commissioned to create a series of illustrations for KACSO, a civil society organization in Uganda, to be used in their electoral materials. The illustrations were intended to be eye-catching, engaging, and representative of KACSO’s core values.

Project Objectives:

  • Develop a cohesive and recognizable visual identity for KACSO’s electoral materials.
  • Create illustrations that effectively convey KACSO’s message of hope, unity, and progress.
  • Design illustrations that are culturally relevant and appeal to the Ugandan electorate.
  • Ensure that the illustrations are high quality and suitable for a variety of print and digital applications.

Project Methodology

BrandAd’s team of experienced illustrators worked closely with KACSOA to develop a creative brief that outlined the specific requirements for the illustrations. The illustrators then conducted research on Ugandan culture and politics to ensure that their designs were authentic and respectful.

Once the creative brief was finalized, the illustrators began sketching and brainstorming ideas. They presented their concepts to KACSOA for feedback and made revisions as needed. Once the final designs were approved, the illustrators created the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

Project Deliverables:

BrandAd delivered a series of high-quality illustrations that effectively conveyed KACSOA’s message of hope, unity, and progress. The illustrations were culturally relevant and appealing to the Ugandan electorate. They were also high quality and suitable for a variety of print and digital applications.

Project Outcome:

KACSO was very pleased with the illustrations that BrandAd created. They were impressed with the creativity, quality, and cultural relevance of the designs. The illustrations were used in a variety of electoral materials, including posters, flyers, and social media graphics. They played a key role in KACSOA’s successful campaign.

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    Price Value

    UGX 20,000,000/-

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    Project Date

    14th April, 2020

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