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Brands Created by Our team.

Who We Are

Crafting solutions
that drive results

Since 2014, Based in Kampala, Uganda

BrandAds is a multi-faceted creative company offering a wide range of services, including art paintings and art illustrations, drawings, graphics design, web design, printing, photography, signage and branding. We help businesses of all sizes tell their stories through impactful visual communication and strategic branding solutions. We are registered and have been operating Since 2014. Our CORE VALUES INCLUDE;

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Visual Storytelling at Heart
  • Innovation as the Compass
  • Passion as our Palette

We are a growing company dedicated to providing innovative branding solutions to our clients.

Kenneth Bwire, Business Manager

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Let us craft your brand story together.

Our Mission

To unleash the transformative power of impactful visual communication, empowering Ugandan brands to roar with success through authentic storytelling and audience connection.

Our Leaders

Meet the People Behind the Powerhouse!

We’re are a buzzing hive of Manager, artists, designers, strategists and dream weavers, all united by a single mission; to make your brand roar with creativity and success. Creativity is in our DNA and what we do always comers from the heart. We thrive through diversity and our distinctive spirit of innovation.


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