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Nalugwa Dorothy

Nalugwa Dorothy

Managing Director

With a steady hand and a sharp mind, Nalugwa Dorothy steers the ship as Managing Director at BrandAds. Backed by a formidable 9 years of experience in business management, she navigates the ever-evolving landscape of branding and marketing with unwavering confidence and a knack for turning vision into reality.

Nalugwa isn’t just a skilled strategist; she’s a builder of bridges. She fosters a collaborative environment where diverse talents converge, ideas spark, and brands take flight. Her leadership style is a delicate blend of empowerment and guidance, allowing her team to flourish while ensuring everyone sails in the same direction.

Beyond the boardroom, Nalugwa’s passion lies in connecting with people. Whether it’s forging strong relationships with clients, inspiring her team, or actively contributing to the local community, she understands the power of genuine connection in building a successful brand and a meaningful career.

In her downtime, Nalugwa pursues her love for nature, finding solace in the quiet strength of the Ugandan landscape. This connection to the natural world translates into a grounded leadership style, reminding her and her team to always keep their feet firmly planted while reaching for the stars.

If you’re looking for a leader who combines strategic smarts with genuine human connection, Nalugwa Dorothy is your compass. She’ll chart the course for your brand’s success, leaving a trail of empowered teams, satisfied clients, and a positive impact on the world around her.