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Booklet & Poster Illustration

Booklet & Poster Illustration

BrandAds Empowers KACSO’s Electoral Message with Vibrant Booklet & Poster Illustration in uganda

BrandAds partnered with Ugandan civil society organization, KACSO, to create a captivating series of Booklet & Poster Illustration in uganda that would promote their message of hope, unity, and progress during elections.

Building a Visual Voice:

Our goal was to establish a distinct visual identity for KACSO’s electoral materials. Collaborating closely with KACSO, we ensured the illustrations effectively communicated their core values. Ugandan illustrators, steeped in their cultural heritage and political landscape, translated KACSO’s message into visuals that resonated deeply with voters.

Art with Impact:

The creative process involved in-depth research into Ugandan culture and political symbols to ensure authenticity. We then developed concepts, incorporating KACSO’s feedback throughout the process. The final illustrations were meticulously crafted in Adobe Illustrator, resulting in high-quality visuals that could seamlessly adapt across various platforms.

Reaching Every Voter:

The impactful illustrations transcended language barriers, effectively conveying KACSO’s message to a broad Ugandan audience. The culturally relevant designs resonated deeply, fostering a sense of connection and trust. The versatility of the illustrations allowed for flawless integration into print materials, digital campaigns, and social media platforms.

Empowering Success:

KACSO’s successful electoral campaign undoubtedly benefitted from the power of these impactful visuals. BrandAds is proud to have played a role in amplifying KACSO’s message and empowering Ugandan voters through the language of art.

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    Price Value

    UGX 20,000,000/-

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    Project Date

    14th April, 2020

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