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Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Nestled amidst the fertile plains of Soroti, Uganda, lies Teju, a fruit manufacturing company bursting with the vibrant potential of Uganda’s agricultural bounty. In June 2022, Teju approached BrandAds with a bold vision: not just to package their fruit products but to transform their brand identity, setting their fruits apart on supermarket shelves and rolling billboards across the country. This wasn’t just a design project; it was a journey towards national recognition, a chance to rewrite the narrative of Ugandan fruit exports.

Project Description:

  • Unveiling Teju’s essence: We delved deep into Teju’s story, their commitment to fresh, locally sourced fruits, and their aspirations for national and international market penetration. We discovered not just a fruit manufacturer but a custodian of Ugandan nature’s bounty.
  • Crafting a captivating visual language: Gone were the generic fruit labels. We designed vibrant, eye-catching packaging adorned with bold illustrations of Uganda’s diverse landscapes and cultural motifs. Each fruit had its own personality, playfully expressed through typography and color palettes.
  • Branding on wheels: Teju’s delivery trucks weren’t just transportation; they became rolling billboards. We adorned them with captivating murals showcasing the journey of Teju fruits, from sun-kissed orchards to consumers’ tables, transforming the roads into mobile ambassadors of the brand.

Beyond Aesthetics, Functionality:

  • Sustainable solutions: We prioritized eco-friendly packaging materials, aligning Teju’s commitment to quality with environmental responsibility.
  • Ease of use: The packaging was designed with practicality in mind, ensuring optimal product protection and convenient shelf life.
  • Accessibility: We incorporated clear, informative labeling in English and local languages, making Teju’s fruits accessible to a wider audience.

Resulting Impact:

The transformation was remarkable. Teju’s products leaped off supermarket shelves, attracting attention with their bold, evocative packaging. Teju trucks became familiar sights, not just as delivery vehicles but as colorful reminders of Ugandan nature’s bounty. Sales soared, national recognition grew, and Teju positioned itself as a premium fruit brand synonymous with freshness, quality, and Ugandan pride.

BrandAds: Your Partner in Brand Alchemy:

The Teju project showcased BrandAds’ ability to not only design beautiful packaging but also craft a cohesive brand identity that resonates with consumers. We believe in the power of design to tell stories, elevate expectations, and propel brands onto a national stage. If you’re looking to transform your product perception and rewrite your brand narrative, BrandAds is ready to be your partner in brand alchemy.

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    14th April, 2023

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