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Printing Services

Printing Services

BrandAds is leading Printing Company in uganda and proud to share our impactful collaboration with ESAFF Uganda, a non-profit organization dedicated to educational advancement. In June 2023, we partnered with ESAFF to create a series of custom-designed notebooks that transcended the realm of mere stationery – they became tools to ignite a passion for learning as a leading Printing Company in uganda.

More Than Just Pages:

ESAFF Uganda envisioned notebooks as a leading Printing Company in Uganda that wouldn’t simply hold notes, but would spark a love for learning within students. They sought notebooks that would be companions on their educational journeys, inspiring curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. BrandAds embraced this vision wholeheartedly.

Design with a Purpose:

Our creative team meticulously crafted notebooks that were both functional and visually engaging. We used high-quality materials to ensure durability, allowing them to withstand the rigors of student life. However, functionality wasn’t enough. We incorporated eye-catching designs that resonated with students, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their notebooks. Additionally, ESAFF Uganda’s branding was seamlessly integrated, solidifying their presence and reinforcing the message of educational empowerment.

A Lasting Impact:

These custom notebooks were more than just writing tools; they were symbols of hope and opportunity. By partnering with ESAFF Uganda, BrandAds played a role in supporting educational initiatives and empowering students to reach their full potential. The project serves as a testament to the power of design to not only elevate brands but also create a positive impact on communities.

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    Notebook Printing

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    Price Value

    UGX 4,500,000/-

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    Project Date

    14th July, 2023

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