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Logo Design Services

Logo Design Services

A well-designed logo is more than just a symbol; it’s an integral part of a company’s identity, serving as a visual representation of its values, mission, and brand essence. BrandAds, a leading printing and design agency in Uganda, understands the significance of a logo in shaping a brand’s perception and offers comprehensive logo design services to help businesses establish a strong and recognizable visual identit

Concept Development and Brainstorming

BrandAds' team of experienced designers collaborates closely with clients to understand their brand's essence, target audience, and desired messaging. They engage in brainstorming sessions to generate creative concepts and explore various design directions that effectively capture the essence of the brand.

Sketches and Refinement

BrandAds' designers present initial sketches of logo concepts, incorporating feedback from clients to refine the designs and ensure they align with the brand's identity and target audience preferences. They iteratively refine the logo, paying close attention to details such as color, typography, and overall composition.

Logo Variations and Adaptations

BrandAds creates various logo variations, including horizontal, vertical, and monochrome versions to ensure that the logo is adaptable to different applications, such as print, digital media, and merchandise. They also consider different color palettes to ensure that the logo remains recognizable and impactful across various backgrounds.

Brand Guidelines and Application

BrandAds provides comprehensive brand guidelines that outline the proper usage of the logo, ensuring consistency in its application across all marketing materials and platforms. They specify the logo's color palette, usage rules, and acceptable variations to maintain brand identity and professionalism.

Our Custom Printing Services and Solutions

At BrandAds, we not only strive to deliver top quality custom print solutions, we make it our mission to ensure a timely, seamless overall process.

Industries Served

Don’t see your industry in the list mentioned below? Don’t worry! We’ve been in business over 9 years and likely have clients in your industry already! Reach out to us to learn how we can help your company today

  • Businesses with Packaging Needs

    we provide small to medium run packaging printing services to businesses across the country. With the capabilities to create numerous types of packaging, including blister packaging, corrugated boxes, cling film, and more, our local printers have all of your packaging printing needs covered. For more information regarding our custom packaging print solutions

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    With over 9 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, our local print shop in Kampala, is equipped to handle any and all of your non-profit printing needs. From event displays, websites, newsletters, and more, our quality printers have your non-profit printing needs covered. To learn more about our custom print solutions for non-profit organizations,

  • Healthcare Providers

    At BrandAds, we have served hospitals, benefit administrators, and other healthcare providers with quality custom print solutions for decades. Offering print materials such as Hospital cards, benefit guides, and more, our printers have all your healthcare printing needs covered. To learn more about our custom print solutions for healthcare providers

  • Educational Institutions

    Having worked with one of the schools in Kampala - Uganda, our expert printers have the knowledge and experience needed to provide top quality custom print solutions for educators, administrators, and college recruiters. From promotional items to welcome packages for new and returning students, our quality printers have your educational institution’s printing needs covered.

  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies

    With a unique understanding of the marketing and advertising industry, our skilled printers are able to create and provide high quality custom print solutions to marketing and advertising agencies of all sizes across the nation.